Plain Bra / Set: Plain Bra + Panties

Plain Bra / Panties / Set

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Brand from China: Lurei. Color: Bra – 1919 – Nude, Materials: Nylon, Size: 70A: Bust: 78-82cm, Under Bust: 68-72cm 70B: Bust: 80-84cm, Under Bust: 68-72cm 70C: Bust: 83-87cm, Under Bust: 68-72cm 70D: Bust: 85-89cm, Under Bust: 68-72cm 70E: Bust: 88-92cm, Under Bust: 68-72cm 75A: Bust: 83-87cm, Under Bust: 73-77cm 75B: Bust: 85-89cm, Under Bust: 73-77cm 75C: Bust: 88-92cm, Under Bust: 73-77cm 75D: Bust: 90-94cm, Under Bust: 73-77cm 75E: Bust: 93-97cm, Under Bust: 73-77cm 80A: Bust: 88-92cm, Under Bust: 78-82cm 80B: Bust: 90-94cm, Under Bust: 78-82cm 80C: Bust: 93-97cm, Under Bust: 78-82cm 80D: Bust: 95-99cm, Under Bust: 78-82cm 80E: Bust: 98-102cm, Under Bust: 78-82cm 85A: Bust: 93-97cm, Under Bust: 83-87cm 85B: Bust: 95-99cm, Under Bust: 83-87cm 85C: Bust: 98-102cm, Under Bust: 83-87cm 85D: Bust: 100-104cm, Under Bust: 83-87cm 85E: Bust: 103-107cm, Under Bust: 83-87cm 90A: Bust: 100-102cm, Under Bust: 88-92cm 90B: Bust: 104-106cm, Under Bust: 88-92cm 90C: Bust: 106-108cm, Under Bust: 88-92cm 90D: Bust: 108-110cm, Under Bust: 88-92cm 90E: Bust: 110cm, Under Bu, Care: N/A

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