Sleek Silky Panties

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SILK……..Everyone’s idea of luxury….Silk Panties make you feel like a princess.

Sleek Silky Panties 3/4 Silk Lace Lingerie Set3/4 Silky Lace Lingerie Set

Virtually invisible under clothes. Necessary for you on all seasons, specially on summer.

Always smooth as silk. Smooth as a woman’s skin. Match them together and you have a beautiful lady in silk panties.


Sleek Silky Panties 2
3/4 Silky Lace Wired Lingerie Set

These outfits are very sexy. Wear them under your clothes for any occasion.


For the adventurous lady, these bra and pantie sets could be suitable for lounging in the privacy of your home.

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  • This is material specification from the manufacturer:
    Bra: Cup:100%Silk Back Strap:100%Silk Lace:85%Nylon+10%Spandex+5%Viscose Panty: Underneath:100%Silk Fabric:88%Polyester+12%Spandex Lace:85%Nylon+10%Viscose+5%Viscose
  • Sleek Silky Panties



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