Short Dress

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short dress perfect pantie 23
Lace Up Mini Long Sleeve Dress

This can be a very exciting short dress for clubbing or cocktails. It is short enough to make wearing designer panties an exciting event.

This dress is simplistic sexy. This dress is of clingy material and could easily be worn bare .. with nothing under the dress ..

Always wear a pair of high heel sandals with this dress. The clingy material will cling even more when you walk and the hem will ride a little higher.

If you decide to wear panties with this dress, and in most situations we would recommend that you wear panties, this is a suggested pair of panties that we would consider to be perfect panties.

short dress lace perfect panties
Lace Panties

This lace pantie barely covers the strategic area. It covers but leaves enough to tease anyone lucky enough to see.

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