Perfect Pantie Resurrection

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kitty - perfect pantie resurrectionWe are in a tight spot……Seems that some wizzard head thought that it would be funny to hack our Perfect Pantie site. Our hosting company picked this as a good time to get rid of the pretty ladies wearing lingerie…..Between the hacker and the hosting company, Perfect Pantie has been destroyed.

Perfect Pantie does not disseminate pornography. So if that is your thing then please have your fun else where.

Women are the prettiest animal on the face of Earth. Treat them like a queen and dress them like a princess.

There is nothing finer than a princess wearing sexy lace Panties. Lace is the material of royalty.


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Have patience…..We are rebuilding in the open…..Watch it happen…..Give us suggestions…

The gurus tell us that we should not go live with the site until it is perfect….Perfect Pantie…..We were live and do not want our site completely absent for several weeks……Consider this as “remodel” time. Something new for all.

Fellows…There are holidays and special occasions fast approaching…Your pretty lady would look even better in some satin and lace.

Summer time is a good time to wear very lite skimpy panties under that body flattering mini skirt. Ladies should always look their best.

Perfect Pantie Resurrection



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