Designer Personal Jewelry

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Silver Vaginal Ornament – Erotic Clitoris Jewelry

Erotic vaginal jewelry suitable for all day wear. Sizes Small, Medium, Large, XL and XXL. Gemstone colors Blue and Black

The Nectar Jewel of Enjoyment is worn like a string. Position the penetrating part first, then slide the top of the jewel exactly onto your clitoris. A comfortable jewel with a perfect fit thanks to its elasticated waistband system Components Bijou Argent 10 microns. Sapphire Blue Resin or Shiny Black Ornament back small sero entwined. hypoallergenic

Designer Personal Jewelry parfect pantie 2
14K Gold – Bezel Set Ring

14k Gold – Bezel Set Ring is a beautiful pierce ideal for many different piercing types. This gorgeous ring has an elegant bezel setting and a sparkly gem that will sure attract a lot of attention to your piercing.

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Designer Personal Jewelry 5Gold Clit Ring With Inlaid Jewels

Vaginal jewelry can be worn under your dress for your own sensual pleasure. Wear with or without panties. Choose your jewelry wisely to create the greatest tingling sensations.

In a private setting and with your favorite playmate, vaginal jewelry can be a added stimulant for you and your partner..

Dress to be the adventurous woman that you wish to be. Choose your jewelry for pleasure. Wear with or with out panties but please do not wear pantyhose while wearing vaginal jewelry. That would cancel out the erotic effect.

Designer Personal Jewelry



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