Lace and nylon panties ..... Top quality lingerie Classy Ladies Underwear
We continue on our search for the perfect pantie. The search is difficult because there are so many gorgeous panties in this world. The search is a lot of fun and we are continually learning about how women choose their underwear. .... Do they chose for comfort or appearance?

Underwear travel organizer is perfect for women who are on the go. De-clutter you suitcase with the organizer. Panties will no longer be scattered through out you travel bag.

Garter belts were invented along with nylon and silk thigh high stockings. They quickly became one of the most erotic pieces of women’s underwear. Lace became the fabric of choice. Men adore them and women like to be adored.

Sexy underwear ... women's skimpy bras, sexy lace panties, see through negligees, sheer body stockings, thigh high stockings & micro thongs!

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